The story behind the making of this image is quite interesting.

I was visiting my niece and nephew at their farm in New Hampshire, when my sister-in-law mentioned she would like me to create a glamourous portrait of her. I wondered how I could, because I didn’t bring any portrait lighting equipment. However knowing my sister-in-law worked hard, and could enjoy a little something for herself, I agreed. A trip to the thrift store for a dress, and pearls, girl time with hair and the little makeup she had and we were ready. Now for the interesting part, where to create an old Hollywood glamour image, in a coldish, not so light farmhouse? In a child’s bedroom with a small window. I covered the bed with a dark blanket, and found a desk lamp in the living room. The window highlighted her body nicely and hid the areas we didn’t want to show, she was pregnant. The lamp worked great for a face light. If I’d had another lamp I would’ve highlighted her hair. I have kept the image to show that any available light and imagination is helpful. A very pretty picture considering the thrift store dress and pearls, very little make up to choose from, a farmhouse window, a desk lamp, a pregnancy, and two crying children in the other room with dad. I just want to share that anything is possible if you just imagine it!

Infinite Blessings!

Wondering—past and future

I look forward to Seth Godin’s posts in my in box every day. This one got me thinking as they usually do. 

Wondering—past and future
Wondering about your past, about what might have happened, about bad decisions made and roads not taken… this is a recipe for not much more than regret.
But wondering about your future?
When we wonder about the future, we get a chance to begin again, to set new goals and envision bold plans.
No more chances to do yesterday over, sorry. But infinite chances for tomorrow.
If you could do tomorrow over again, would you?
Posted by Seth Godin on January 02, 2017

New business tools are as fun as new Christmas toys!

It’s a good sign when new business tools are as fun as new Christmas toys. A long time Nikon photographer, I’ve just purchased my first Canon. Although I just happened into my Nikon collection, I’ve recently chose Canon because I was impressed with the improvements in their digital cameras. Years ago I have known photographers who used Canon cameras but with an adaptor so they could utilize Nikon’s excellent lenses. I’m in love with my new Canon and lens. Let the creating begin!

Infinite Blessings to all!

Thank you to Debbie, SCORE 114, and the Women in business event.

Thank you Debbie, for suggesting I attend the SCORE Women in business breakfast. I never would have thought I’d have such a great time. Liz Goodgold, the featured speaker, is an excellent coach on branding and networking. I enjoyed her presentation  immensely.

I met some wonderful ladies too.

The girls at Mezmereyez Lashes were so caring, gorgeous, and fun.
I enjoyed talking ideas with Jennifer owner of City Girl Prepper preparedness backpacks made for women. Survive in style!

I was so surprised by the memorial jewelry by See You.  Claire had on a really cute bracelet with her and her husbands fingerprints. If I had kids I would want bracelet charms made of their hand and feet prints.

Dianna had some really nice printed products by her company Innovative Printing Solutions. I look forward to working with her, doing product photography for her clients catalogs.

I am so fortunate to have met these and more interesting women here in sunny SoCal.

Thank you to the ladies who booked their sessions. I’m excited to create with you!

Infinite Blessings